Brief Company Introduction

MyMaddenCoins.com was established in 2004 by the Virtual Materials Transaction team, a subsidiary of our mother company MyMaddenCoins INC. Our company is based in beautiful New York, US with branches in both China and Canada. 

With over eight years experience and growth, we have now blossomed into a multi-national corporation employing over 200 staff members across our Operations Departments and Technical Support Teams. We have customers in more than 100 countries including Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, and Australia.

Our Team & Organization

Just like our customers, all MyMaddenCoins employees (from the company president to the security guards) are online gamers. It is our passion, and interest in gaming, that enables us to take online game techniques as far as possible. We understand our customer's needs and offer professional support and services with a clear view of the online gamer's perspective and needs. 

MyMaddenCoins consists of our Production & Purchasing Department, Sales & Customer Service Department, as well as our Technical Support Team. Our Production & Purchasing Department is in charge of gold production and purchasing, character power leveling and account registration. Sales & Customer Service offers promotional information and vouchers. They also answer any customer account related questions and solve customer account problems. Lastly, our Technical Support Team (our hardcore gamers) provides game technique analysis and guide writing. They also answer all questions our customers may have regarding technical in-game issues.

Corporate Culture

"Quality for Customers" - we believe in providing quality virtual products and services for our customers. MyMaddenCoins puts the customer first in every aspect of our operations.

Convenient features on the website include:

• Timely Order Processing and Communication

• No Limitation Refund Policy

• 24-7 Online Customer Support: Live Chat

• Many Customizable and Personalize-able services

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